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See No Evil, Hear No Evil [Spideypool]


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Their relationship, right from the start, was unconventional, to say the least. They both worked for Daily Bugle, or at least that’s what Wade had told him. He was handsome and flirty, if a little bit odd. They’ve talked a few times and Peter liked him just fine.

Then, one day, there was a huge explosion in the building that Peter survived more or less unscathed – a few cracked ribs, concussion, several bruises, broken leg, oh, and partial loss of hearing. It took some time to adjust, obviously, but all things considered, he could have ended up much worse than a cast and a hearing aid.

Wade wasn’t so lucky, Peter discovered upon his release from the hospital. It hadn’t even crossed his mind that Wade had been in the building, that he could have died then, or at least be injured. But when was passing a room and heard a familiar voice demanding tacos from the nurse, Peter stopped. And then he walked in.

Wade’s whole body was covered in bandages, including his face, even his eyes. Only his mouth were peeking out, horribly scared, but stretched in a smile, moving quickly and making the nurse giggle. Wade didn’t look at Peter when he approached the bed, only after he introduced himself to the curious nurse.


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I don’t care what you think, Timid is the best Nature.

Artist: 2027 / Translated by Akvo / Edited by Me~

Quilava is best squeezetoy

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Somebody stop trashiyama

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캡틴아메리카 윈터솔져..

그간 그린거 올림.

첫번째껀 스팁죽이는 버키. 아무튼 버키사랑ㅠㅜ

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about Peter Paker(Spider-man)

  스파이더맨 검색해서 보다가”하루 일과가 마무리되면 코스튬을 수선하고 진통제 몇 알 먹고 TV에서 자기 활약이 나왔나 찾아보기도 했다” 는 글을 읽고.. 

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