캡틴아메리카 윈터솔져..

그간 그린거 올림.

첫번째껀 스팁죽이는 버키. 아무튼 버키사랑ㅠㅜ

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about Peter Paker(Spider-man)

  스파이더맨 검색해서 보다가”하루 일과가 마무리되면 코스튬을 수선하고 진통제 몇 알 먹고 TV에서 자기 활약이 나왔나 찾아보기도 했다” 는 글을 읽고.. 

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All you can do is go on living alone down there in the darkness.

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Anonymous: What if Deadpool gets a dog with cancer And he is like I WILL PROTECT THIS LIKE IT WAS MY CHILD and then he finds out about Eleanor I WILL PROTECT HER BECAUSE SHE IS MY ACTUAL CHILD and then they are the cancer family with the demon queen matriarch who loves em all and is scary to anyone who hurts her babies